Dolphins watching tours


Jervis Bay plays host to a resident pod of bottle nose dolphins all year round. They number between 80 and 120, depending on the time of year, but they always provide our passengers of all ages a thrill, an experience to remember; something that always brings a smile to everyone’s face.

During the year Jervis Bay’s dolphin population often swells with a visit from a school of common dolphins as they make their way up and down the coast. These schools of dolphins often number in the many hundreds and provide a awe inspiring sight as they sweep past the boat in chase of a school of fish or simply in a hurry to get to their next destination.

The arrival of numerous babies over the last 20 odd years have been documented and continued to be amazed at the population growth of the pod in Jervis Bay.

Ask our staff about the tours and have fun!

Whale Watching Tour


There are several Whale and Dolphins watching tours around the region.

Jervis Bay provides a spectacular backdrop for whale watching, so much so that it has become renowned as the premier whale watching destination in NSW.

With its prominent position on the south coast of NSW, Jervis Bay can offer one of the longest viewing seasons available to whale watchers in NSW, spanning from May until late November each year.

Also of interest is the fact that, especially on the southern migration, a majority of the whale viewing can be done in the sheltered waters of Jervis Bay meaning that you will be less likely to be subjected to the elements of the open ocean.

Callala Bay


A true gem of the South Coast would have to be Callala Bay, a lesser known alcove within the famous and larger Jervis Bay. Here, the sand is stunningly white and the water brilliantly clear and crisp. Callala is completely protected within Jervis Bay and the water is unusually warm for a beach in the South. Separated from the street by thick bush (with a walking track), Callala feels completely private and untouched, perfect for an afternoon getaway!

Jervis Bay National Park wraps itself around Jervis Bay, St Georges Basin and the ocean. There are plenty of things to do here but beach walks are top of the must-do list. The White Sands Walk from Greenfield Beach to Hyams Beach is truly spectacular.